Friday, August 22, 2008


What fun it has been to think about some of those old childhood treats.

Our mom went to work when I was in latter elementary school, which meant we had the house to ourselves when we got home. A favorite treat for Dude and me after school was a can of RavioliOs. I liked to eat them by prying apart the top and bottom with my fork, exposing the delectable meatlike substance within, which I then enjoyed on its own. I had to count out the RavioliOs one by one into two bowls under Dude's watchful eye so he didn't get cheated. I don't remember how we handled odd numbers. Eventually I grew to eat them cold straight out of the can. These days my soy allergy prevents me from partaking in this American treasure. All those cans of Franco-American and Chef Boy-Ar-Dee made me a fat 6th grader before my growth spurt in 7th and 8th grades.

Sweet Sue Chicken & Dumplings were a staple in college. I salivate even now. One day, about a year ago, I saw this product in my local supermarket and it took all my strength not to buy it, for fear that I would become hooked once again. My resolve failed, but when I looked for it the next time, it was gone. Just gone.
Orange Push-Ups! I seem to recall these being a treat at Granny's house when I was very young, but the memories become muddled over time. Any treat was memorable at Granny's house because she was diabetic and usually all she had on hand was a small bowl of individually wrapped sugar-free hard candies that were nasty. Now that I understand human behavior a little better, it is odd that she never had anything good for us to eat when we visited.

This is my vice right now. It ain't pretty what happens when I see a carton of Turkey Hill Eagles Touchdown Sundae and am able to get my hands on a spoon. Sometimes when I get gas, it's 2 cartons for $5.00, and what am I supposed to do?!! I do believe I may get some on the way home tonight.


Sir Saunders said...

Oh yeah, I loved those orange push-ups too. They seemed more manageable than a ice-cream cone. Spaghetti-O's were our favored canned pasta of choice. My grandmother would get mad after she would work all day on homemade sauce and pasta, only to have us yell, "Spaghetti-O's!"

Tom said...

I enjoyed that Pasta in a can as much as the next boy. We could microwave it during the summers. Sometimes mom would warm it up and put it in a thermos for school lunch.

I also had pushups back then but the effect must have been the opposite of doing a pushup. I was too young to enjoy Chinese.

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