Wednesday, August 06, 2008


25. Agent Smith, THE MATRIX, 1999.
24. Khan, STAR TREK: WRATH OF KHAN, 1982.
23. Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper), BLUE VELVET, 1986.
22. Cruela de Vil, 100 DALMATIONS, 1961.
21. Denzel Washington in TRAINING DAY, 2001.
20. Lex Luthor, SUPERMAN, 1978.
19. Joan Crawford, MOMMIE DEAREST, 1981. Makes me hungry even now for maggot ridden steak.
18. T-1000 (Robert Patrick), T2, 1991. He is nothing without Ahnold paving the way.
17. Dr. Christian Szell, MARATHON MAN, 1976.
16. Annie Wilkes, MISERY, 1990.
15. Tom Powers (Cagney), PUBLIC ENEMY, 1931.
14. Mrs. Iselin (Angela Lansbury), MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, 1962.
13. Freddy Krueger, 1984. Now you're talkin'.
12. Michael Myers, HALLOWEEN, 1978. He raised the possibility of a sharp butcher knife behind every open door.
11. Harry Powell (Robert Mitchum), NIGHT OF THE HUNTER, 1955.
10. Queen, SNOW WHITE, 1937.
9. Max Cody, CAPE FEAR, 1991.
8. Hans Gruber, DIE HARD, 1988.
7. Chigurgh, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, 2007.
6. Goldfinger, 1964.
5. The Joker, 2008.
4. Hannibal Lecter, 1991.
3. Wicked Witch of the West, 1939. A cackle that transcends generations.
2. Darth Vader.

and the #1 big screen villain of all time is....

1. Lord Voldemort.

All right, all right, I'll go see Dark Knight.

Lex Luthor? Khan? Goldfinger? Hans Gruber at #8?!! Come on.

I would add Bruce (the shark from JAWS), the original Terminator, and Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers franchise for their cultural impact.

And Rutger Hauer in THE HITCHER. Evil with no redeeming qualities.



Sir Saunders said...

With out a doubt , Kahn should be number 1, just for the line, "I'll leave you Kirk, just as you left me, marooned on a baren planet, buried alive, buried aliivvvee!"

"KAHN, KAHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Dude said...

This list is definitive only in that I've seen every film on the list. Okay, I haven't seen BATMAN yet, but give me a week.

I think definitely that Arnold's Terminator should be on the list as well as the T-1000 - both are all-time great villians.

I'm not sure you can qualify Bruce as a villain since he doesn't have a master plan other than feeding. I do think The Hitcher was a great villain. Michael Myers is my all-time fave bad guy because I can dismiss robots from the future and I can avoid hitch-hikers, but behind every corner lurks a mental patient with a knife wearing a creepy Shatner mask.

Dude said...

I just remembered another of my favorite villains. In the original THE VANISHING, the anti-hero snatched a girl and buried her alive just to see if he was capable of such horrors. He is especially memorable since he was such an average guy who was simply going about his business both before and after the crime. It made me wonder about all the thousands of people who disappear each year without a trace. Some of them could just be scratching the itch of some random normal guy playing at being evil.

Tom said...

It's a weird list. No Messela from Ben-Hur? Michael Corleone from Godfather II, or at least Hyman Roth from Godfather II? Lars Thorwald? James Mason in North by Northwest? Norman Bates? Harry Lime? Orson Welles in Touch of Evil? Fred C Dobbs? DeNiro as Max Cady over Robert Mitchum as Max Cady, are you kidding? Barbara Stanwyk in Double Indemnity?

Give me ten minutes and I could double the list. Pathetic.

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