Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The attacks on my girl Sarah continue and seem to bounce off nicely. I went back (and even borrowed for my class with his permission) one of Tom's recent blog posts on identity politics. Go back and read it because it truly sums up what is happening.

Now in the most ironic twist of all, the victim centered politics of the left is being used against them by the McCain campaign. Poor Barack Obama cannot even get a word in edge-wise, since Gov. Sarah Palin was nominated, without charges of sexism. It is a shame. Wouldn't the American people be better served if we would live up to our own ideals during campaigns and judge our potential future leaders not by the color of their skin (or their Gender) but by the content of their character? Oh I forgot, character doesn't matter anymore. At least not since "Slick Willie" had it buried. I love the political cartoon I found above. It is as if the GOP leadership decided (and McCain as well), "Wow, golly gee, conservative/libertarian politics does work after all. I guess we need that base." Rush said in a recent broadcast that had McCain picked a "Joe Liberman" type or the like as VP, that there would have likely been a walkout on the floor and maybe a fundamental shift or fracture of the Republicans. I hope Sarah reminds them of what they are supposed to be fighting for (and standing on).

Another non-issue recently that has gotten some limited press is a video of Sarah at her church asking for prayer for her son and all soldiers who are being deployed to Iraq, she says in the video on YouTube , "Pray for military men and women in Iraq who are stiving to do what is right for this country...That our national leaders are sending them out on a task that is from God, that is what we have to pray for." What the non-believer types do not understand in this statement is what she is saying is to "Pray that the task they are being sent on is a Godly one." In other words, make sure God is guiding our national leaders so they don't goof up and make a mistake or send troops on an errand that is ego centered not centered in a greater purpose. When one prays for "God's Will", one is striving to achieve the best possible outcome that is a movement toward Goodness and Righteous Justice. The Atheist Left never understand religious language because they are bound to a materialist, only the 5 senses exists Universe; but being that I grew up Pentecostal, I'm happy to translate for Sarah whenever she needs me. Keep it up girl, I'm Praying for YOU!

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Tom said...

Yeah, the gender thing is overshadowing her conservative principles in the debate. It's her beliefs that make her popular.

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