Thursday, October 16, 2008


You know what I haven't seen this year? That HBO documentary about how voting machines are ripe for voter fraud. It played endlessly before the 2006 election and it stopped the moment they got the results they wanted. I have like 10 HBOs and the only political movie on is that RECOUNT that I reviewed over the summer. If Obama were to somehow lose the documentary would probably crop up in late November/Early December.

If nothing else can we finally put to rest the silly notion that Republican centrism wins elections? Obama is practically running to McCain's right on the govt. bailout and sounds like a conservative in his ads. Nowhere is he talking up his first 100 days of action, because they will be full of boilerplate liberal schemes that he can't defend now. Republicans can have any conservative they want as long as he sounds measured and reasonable in a debate or 30 second spot. If GD America and bombing the Pentagon is mainstream then I don't think the Right has to worry about shutting down the Department of Labor.

I'm with E in how fun it is to watch the Red Sox lose (Down 5-0 on elimination day as I write this). If nothing else, they are co-owned by the NEW YORK TIMES. A traitor in world affairs and a traitor in baseball. And do you think the Sox miss Manny Ramirez?


E said...

In terms of enjoyment value, I turned it off at the right time last night, after the Rays scored in top 7 to go up 7-0 and put it out of reach. Little did I know!

Sir Saunders said...

I'm convinced we are going Socialist ala Europe. :-( So much for responsibility and working for a living.

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