Friday, October 24, 2008


Fred Thompson speaks. He is the straight talker McCain pretends to be. No wonder Obama is pressing his supporters to vote early.

Obama and the Democrats believe that Americans in a time of crisis will be willing to sacrifice their freedoms, abandon their founding principles and common sense and ease into the mediocrity of the warm embrace of the Washington papa bear who will take care of all of our problems for us.

These are not the ideals of the America that drew brave men and women from all over the world to our shores. In most cases, they were fleeing nations with the heavy hand of government, intolerance and class warfare. They risked everything to experience our Founding Fathers’ notion of a limited government with powers that were delineated, checked and balanced, in a land where they could live and prosper in a free, dynamic, upwardly mobile society – the kind that existed no where else in the world.

But Obama and his liberal friends don’t see things that way. The liberal agenda is based upon the belief that there are elites among us who know more and know better than the rest of us. And that with the application of their intellect and power … and our money … they can impose regulations and establish programs, bureaus and agencies that will solve all the problems of the masses.

I'd point you to the link but is really, really slow to load. I have the same problem (chronically) at It's as if someone doesn't want me to see those pages. I have a number of conspiracy theories to post when I get the time. . . .

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Tom said...

If Fred Thompson looked like George Clooney we'd be winning by 15 points.

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