Friday, October 17, 2008


Note: the long Anonymous comment to my DEBATE NOTES (10/13) was posted by a friend of mine, not just some crank. I meet with him monthly to talk politics over some beef. He called me after the debate and I told him I had taken notes that I would post that night on the blog. So there are at least 4 readers of this blog, three of them regulars.


The Red Sox have come back from big holes twice in recent history. That does not make it likely that they will do so again. I like the way the Rays are playing. They are scoring in lots of innings. They handed the Sox two drubbings at Fenway, and very nearly three, which no one predicted. As for momentum swinging to the Sox on the strength of three good innings, I like the baseball cliche that says momentum is only as strong as the next day's starting pitcher. Don't bet against the Rays, people (like me) kept writing them off all year and they only got stronger.


All year I look forward to our fall tradition of getting (or making) pizza and watching the Steelers on Sunday afternoon as a family. So I was dismayed when the schedule came out to see how many Monday night, Sunday night, Thursday night, and Sunday late afternoon games they are playing this year. And last week the bye. So I will enjoy the 1 pm drubbing of the Bungles this Sunday with a pizza and my family. They play Sunday 1:00 games only twice in their first 13 games this year. So much for tradition.


I watched the McCain and Obama comedic remarks again over lunch. On second viewing, McCain's were funnier and Obama's not as funny.


Our boys have had too many bad coaches, and it makes for a long season for everybody. I had to take matters into my own hands. I am assistant coaching flag football now. Nancy and I will coach their basketball teams over the winter. And in spring I begin my Little League manager career. I will enjoy this chapter, I know.


Propel, berry flavor. I have tried many brands of flavored water and always return to this one. It has just the right sweetness and no aftertaste. It encourages me to drink more fluids, and I choose to ignore that it probably has ingredients that cause cancer in lab rats.


Is it just me, or does Ron Darling sound just like James Woods?

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Tom said...

James Shields is tough at home so maybe the Rays win it tomorrow night. And yeah, they changed their name from the Devil Rays to the Rays so maybe the Devil isn't holding them back. I still say Devil Rays in conversation, a hard habit to break.

I read Anon's thorough response on the debate and I thought it was so good it must be some guy randomly adding it to political blogs all over the net. I couldn't imagine that we have one more reader, and a smart one at that.

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