Monday, October 20, 2008


This is the first election I can remember when the media didn't complain that there is too much money in politics although Obama has more money than Bush and Kerry had combined in 2004. All the while McCain sticks to the campaign finance reform standards that the media demanded. I guess we don't need those laws. Let's repeal them.

How McCain could benefit from those third party ads that he outlawed.


Republicans in 2012 should refuse to recognize delegates from states with open primaries or same-day registration. McCain was the result of crossovers in New Hampshire. He was nominated by people who don't care if a Republican gets elected and may even be against such an idea. Either New Hampshire and others change or they shouldn't be recognized at future conventions.


Democrats are moderate if they sound moderate. Ideas are passe. It's the same theory used by guys who go to the track, ignore past performances, and bet on races by looking at the horses in the paddock.


People at work often talk about how they can only work so much overtime before their withholding tax increases and it's no longer worth it. Some of these people are voting for Obama and none of them see the contradiction.


During every election the media criticizes Republicans for getting few black votes. It's always supposed that Republicans are doing something wrong and they need to try some sort of outreach. The best response to this has been calls to campaign in the inner cities and explain why conservative philosophy is superior. Those calls are never heeded by actual politicians. Instead, Republicans try to sound like Democrats promising more programs. According to a number of polls, black Americans are more conservative than white Democrats. Find common ground based on those conservative principles and you'll win enough people over to change politics. Follow the pandering principle and you don't even get loyalty from the first black secretary of state.


The most important lesson is that nominating moderate "maverick" Republicans is not worth a flip despite the media insisting. The media wants a moderate so that the liberal doesn't seem so extreme. McCain's reaching across the aisle has only served to brand those ideas as conservative when they are anything but. Moderate pragmatic Republicans only move the bar to the left and receive no less media criticism for doing so. The govt. bailout, amnesty, and an expansion of medicare are now branded as much Republican as Democrat so the debates are not about philosophy anymore but degree, therefore the election can only be decided on personality. All things equal going in, an effective conservative leader trumps an effective liberal one. We just need politicians tough enough to endure the press.

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