Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Dear Donovan:

I know you are sad about the outcome of the election. Son, firstly we have to remember that God is still on the throne, he still answers prayers, and Jesus is the answer and true hope for our salvation. I do agree with you that this election is an outcome that many of us, especially in the conservative community would have rather not experienced, but we have to keep working! What is the alternative? Give up? Never! What happened in this election was not an acceptance of ultra-left politics by the American People, it was an Anti-Bush, Anti-Big Spending, Fix this economy now, get us out of war, coalition. Now that they've won, that coalition will fall apart. Barack has his work cut out for him. And it won't be easy. He'll have to do all the things that he's promised and more. The same thing happened in 1992. Bill Clinton promised a middle class tax cut, he ran against George Bush, Sr. , on the basis that Bush, Sr. had raised taxes against his own pledge not to do so. The Democrats promised Bush, Sr. that if he would just agree to raise taxes for "the good of the country" they wouldn't use it against him in the election. They lied to Bush, Sr., they did use it against him and Clinton didn't or couldn't keep his promises. In 1992 I was a student in my Masters degree program in Springfield, Massachusetts. One of the big campaign issues was that Bill Clinton often lied. But the media told us that character didn't matter. I remember over hearing two professors discussing the outcome of the election. They said, "Yeah, he's a Liar but at least we'll get universal health care." Son, as I've taught you many times, character does matter, and telling the truth is always more important than just being popular or getting ahead at any cost. In 1992, the media said it was the death of the "Reagan Era" and the death of "Conservative and Libertarian ideas" and the death of "Small Government". They were wrong then, they are so very wrong now. So what happened is that the year you were born, in 1994, the most conservative and freedom loving congress in a generation was swept into power, this happened only two years after electing the previous Charlatan who made a lot of promises that were empty and without merit. It wasn't conservative ideas that were defeated in 1992 and it isn't conservative ideas that were defeated in 2008. On the contrary, Obama ran on Tax cuts, Family Values, Personal Responsibility, Hope and Liberty, and Christian values, which are all Conservative ideas. In fact, he could not have been elected if he had been honest about his own true philosophy or World view. The ultra-Left world view, when correctly and accurately and honestly articulated, has never won in this country. Just ask Michael Dukakis or Walter Mondale. The only way Barack and the Democrats will stay in office is if they can be successful. But you can't cut taxes and raise spending by what Barack has promised and keep the economy going. Just research Milton Friedman or better yet read his book, "Free to Choose." Liberal Keynesian Economics will never work, it never has. It always leads to the path of ruin at worst and stagnation at best. Therefore, it is only a matter of waiting for their failure and working to help in the ushering of those who will be the champions of free thinking back to the noble halls of our vibrant democracy. But in the meantime, we also pray. We pray and truly wish that the Democrats will be successful and the nation will get back on it's feet and all the good things they promised will happen, which will still be great for America. In the end, we are truly all Americans and either way, we win. Ironically, with the election of Barack Obama, we must have hope! We must hope that the ember of Liberty and Freedom that has almost died out, can once again be fanned into a roaring flame. We must hope that the small business person who sets out toward prosperity can do so without the oppressive hand of Big Government on their back. We must hope that the Shining City on a Hill that Ronald Reagan so artful spoke of, can once again be the symbol of the America that once was, and can be again. We must hope that we can keep the faith, fight the good fight, and finish the race so we can have both our reward and the good knowledge that we are following our steadfast principles. Son, you come from a good and noble lineage. A family line that stretches back to the founding of this great nation. When you feel down and despair, think of John and Robert Saunders as they fought against British oppression and threw off the chains of a heavy monarch; think of James Saunders who left Virgina and headed west with his family to settle a new frontier; think of John Thomas Saunders who held the line at Appomattox and had to watch one of the noblest men ever to walk the face of the Earth, Robert E. Lee, surrender to an invading army; think of Bartow Saunders, Sr. who survived the worst economic Depression of the 20th century and died a millionaire after a lifetime of hard work, struggle, and determination; think of Tup McWaters who risked his life in the South Pacific, who spent 4 years of lonely nights in a fox hole not knowing if the next moment might be his last, who fought against an Empire so mighty that America feared she might not ever be able to overcome it. Yet we did! We overcame it all. Son, our family and our nation has endured much and overcome obstacles that make this current "let down" pale in comparison. And finally my dear sweet son, we must not tire, we must fight on, as was said in a letter by Thomas Jefferson to his beloved wife Martha, "Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time, who never loses any. It is wonderful how much may be done, if we are always doing. And that you may be always doing good, my dear, is the ardent prayer of yours affectionately."

With my dearest love and prayer for strength for you, Yours truly,



Dude said...

This is great, Steve. I would like very much if you would adopt me.

Sir Saunders said...

Absolutely! What a great son you would make. But I rather consider you my brother, which you certainly are in every sense save DNA. But in all the best ways that really count, you and all the Junto boys are certainly family. God Bless you, God Bless the Junto Boys, and God Bless America!

E said...

A fine and noble letter, Sir, you are a class act all the way. O that more sons would have a letter like this from their dad.

Tom said...


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