Thursday, December 04, 2008


Certainly you've heard of the show. If you've never watched it, then shame on you. It's easily the funniest series in television history. Okay, maybe Seinfeld is first, but it was appreciated in a way that Arrested Development was not during its time. I remember always reading during its run that people need to discover Arrested Development before it gets canceled. I forced myself to watch it one time, during season three, and was blown away by how clever it was. It managed to run for three years and 53 episodes before the axe fell. The G4 network shows reruns in chunks and by now I've seen most every episode, though I've had to piece together the timeline in hindsight. One of my favorite gags is the name of Scott Baio's character: Bob Loblaw, Attorney at Law. Say his name out loud to get the joke. If you have not yet discovered Hulu, then take some time to acquaint yourself with the site and revisit Arrested Development or discover it for the first time.
Today's Times reports that since the launch of NBC and Fox's online TV service Hulu, the show has consistently been one of the top three most-watched shows up there. I guess all the people who couldn't be bothered to watch while it was on the air are just getting around to it now.
Yesterday was my first day without cable since 1979. I was looking for ways to save some money and realized that most anything worth watching is available on the internet or Netflix. I ordered the Netflix Player by Roku so I will be able to stream movies to my TV.
The box streams movies from Netflix -- it doesn’t download them. Choosing content to watch is done on your computer, using the familiar Netflix interface. Anything that’s available for instant viewing can be added to the player’s queue -- in fact, the box checks your DVD queue and adds any available content to the Roku player automatically.
We're going to live without cable until we are in position to buy an HDTV set. The Netflix Player cost me $120 but between that and the DVDs, there will be no shortage of archived programming to watch. We get the news from the intenet, with CNN offering free footage, and I can even enjoy football via ESPN GameCast. We are currently watching the first season of Mad Men from Netflix, and maybe next we'll finally dive into the entire 24 run, which we've never seen. Going cableless for maybe six months is my biggest personal challenge since fasting for three days back in 1990 with Stamper. That changed my life for the better so maybe this will too. Why just tonight, we enjoyed family game night.


Dude said...

Be sure to check out the Bob Loblaw web law blog.

Tom said...

I have been enjoying Arrested Development over the past two months. We're to the final season and it's a shame to see it come to an end.

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