Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Last night, we had a family viewing of TITANIC to coincide with a non-fiction book report Mason just completed. The film is rated PG-13 but mostly for a smattering of bad language and a flattering view of nice boobies. The kids won't watch anything with blood in it, so I assured them that despite the hundreds of deaths, they were all of the bloodless variety to the best of my recollection, having seen the film over ten years ago.

Well, the kids chattered throughout the film as they do, and when the Captain turned in for the night and handed the reins to Murdock, Mason declared that Murdock was Uncle E:

So, we had fun for the next hour, proclaiming things like "Uncle E looks worried." and "There's no room in the lifeboat for Uncle E." Ultimately, Murdock is using his gun for crowd control as he loads the last lifeboat. He attempts to stave off a panic by shooting a guy or two, and then decides to hasten his own imminent demise by putting a bullet through his own temple. The Uncle E jokes stopped.

Mason wasn't really traumatized and Cadence managed to look away when she figured out what was coming. Murdock's final gesture was to salute as if to conclude his service, so now I can do silly things to crack Mason up like saluting and then hitting myself on the head with a Nerf ball. He can't wait to tell everyone that he watched a PG-13 movie, so rather than being traumatized by the suicide of the Uncle E clone, he plans to use it as a conversation starter. His other favorite scene is when all the fancy dishes crashed on the floor as the boat was sinking. After THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE a few nights ago, Mason realized that he had never seen a movie before in which the main character dies. Now he's got a streak going with two straight.


E said...

After watching JAWS again for the umpteenth time and hearing Quint's monologue about the USS Indianapolis, Uncle E won't be putting on a life jacket again.

Sir Saunders said...

I got a good laugh from this one Dude. Hilarious! My kids were/are Titanic fanatics and have seen this movie 11,000 times. So it was great to think about it again with fresh eyes. Poor Mason...

E said...

My younger doesn't want to see blood either. In the first half of JAWS the shark munches everybody. In the second half they hunt the shark. I invited the boys to join me for the second half, which is pretty tame except for the scene where Quint gets munched by Bruce and blood spews out of Quint's mouth, at which my son shrieks in horror and runs away, at the very moment that my wife returns from her shopping trip. Of all the rotten luck.

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