Monday, April 06, 2009


I turned on the PIT-STL game on the way home to find the Pirates behind 2-0 with two hits through five. The longtime Cardinals announcer butchered the first three names he tried -- pitcher Paul (wrongly "Ma-home") Maholm, OF Nyjer ("Nygre") Morgan, and OF Nate ("McCloth") McLouth. And it was the fifth inning -- nobody had corrected him. And the Cardinals faced those Pirates players about 18 times last year. That is what it's like being a Pirates fan.

(Or it's possible the guy just pronounces everything wrong. He called the last out of the sixth "a line drive, popped up to second base." Something about free Busch in the press box?)

Bucs win though, 6-4, on a bases-clearing double in top 9 by Jack Wilson, who was 0-for-4 at that point and down to the team's last strike. I'll take wins over respect if that's my choice.


Dude said...

Whenever I hear about Jack Wilson I think of the armless lady whose daughter was in Mason's gymnastic class a few years ago. She was sweet as can be and when she saw me wearing a Bucs cap, she confided that she knew Jack Wilson and always went to the ballpark with her friends when the Pirates played. The lady had no arms and wore metal prosthetics from the shoulders. Without staring, I always enjoyed watching her reach into her purse or tie her daughter's shoes. Mason thought she was a robot so I had him convinced she was sent from the future to kill the Pirates' shortstop, to prevent them from winning the World Series if they ever got close.

E said...

She has been able to relax since 1992.

I too met a fellow with no arms and was amazed at how well adjusted he was and how many things can be done with your feet and teeth if you have no other options.

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