Thursday, April 23, 2009


Barrack’s recent encounter with Ortega and Chavez has closed the loop on something that I didn’t understand leading up to the Iraq War. Back then the loudest opposition wasn’t from people who thought Bush was lying about a WMD program. Everybody thought Saddam had a WMD program. The loudest opposition was from people who said you can’t attack a sovereign nation. I had never heard that one before. It certainly wasn’t a historical standard. The people who were saying it were the same ones that have always felt sympathy for regimes that were anti-American in policy or rhetoric. You can and should stop the bloodbath in Bosnia or Darfur where there is no American opposition figure, but you cannot even fund the Contras in Nicaragua because Ortega was anti-USA. South Africa was anti-communist and racist and they must be stopped. Castro’s judicial system is openly racist and he’s embraced by the Congressional Black Caucus.

The political Left is trying to reshape the world as they have always done through government control and seizure of the private sector. The President is a fellow traveler with that ideology and it’s now making sense as to why he embraced those figures. He would like kind of power.

Now the war has become a folly that Cheney pushed and Bush executed for reasons much different than the reasons before the war began. Enough reasons for everyone to hate it or at least enough for a majority of Obama voters last fall. But the anti-war effort was pushed from the beginning and funded the whole way through by people that liked Saddam simply because he opposed America. The way the message spread from it's Marxist Roots in George Soros to the mainstream media via blogs and what not is a lesson in how the ardent Leftists influence the media.

Obama is the end result, a total media creation. We heard about how Bush's success was all through his father. Obama doesn't even have a single life achievement. The man was elected President because he seemed reasonable. It was like the country was hiring an intern and he seemed the most affable. Not even 100 days in and it feels like the Berlin Wall is going back up. Permission granted for every tin horn demagogue in the Western Hemisphere to seize power on some poor unsuspecting country and receive hugs from the U.S. President.

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