Wednesday, July 22, 2009


SirSaunders' Analysis:

Obama: "It meets with my agenda to tax the Rich"
Further Socialist agenda proof.

"We have to make the changes, Doctors are paid for quality not quantity care."
In other words, Doctors will become Government bureaucrats, employed by Gov. not the patient.

Reporter--"Why the rush to pass by August?" Obama: "I'm rushed from families everyday that are getting clobbered by healthcare costs, can you help?"
Ahhhhh!! It's an emergency!! What it really means, I know 2010 the Dems will get booted out and I'll never get anything passed.

"I'm not going to sign a bill that will add to our deficit or will work. My measure is listening to the American people and healthcare experts and have shown in some communities that healthcare can deliver a better result."
??? How can he ever sign ANY bill that meets the standard of not adding to the deficit or adding to healthcare inflation. Certainly the current House bill does that. I see this an an outright lie! This is absurd. He simply won't get a bill that doesn't do that. See CATO's commentary on this. Further, now the AMA support the house bill because they've paid off the Dr's by increasing the medicare reimbursement for them. It's good for me right now, but won't be for the overall healthcare system in the future.

"I haven't really been blaming the Republican's" Then he went on the blame the Republican's except for Olympia Snow and other RINO's who voted for the stupid Stimulus package. Why are these people in the GOP?

Sacrifices: Reporter--"People will have to give up tests, end of life care, etc." Obama--"They'll have to give up paying for things that don't make them healthier." IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS MR. PRESIDENT IF I CHOOSE TO SMOKE, EAT A DONUT, EAT A BUCKET OF LARD, or SIT ON MY FAT BUTT!! Geesh! Talk about a Statist!!

Blah blah blah, I got tired of listening and switched over to a MASH re-run.

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