Wednesday, August 26, 2009


There was a great story on NPR today that bares taking a look at in it's entirety.

My favorite quote of the story, "We believe, after looking at the evidence, my co-author [David Blumenthal] and I, that if the true cost of Medicare had been known — if Johnson hadn't basically hidden them — the program would never have passed. America's second-most beloved program would never have happened, if we had had genuine cost estimates."

Hilarious how the Left sees the world, "Beloved Program", It is going bankrupt ya know! This story was written with the premise, "This is how we did it before and maybe how we can do it again." But what it really shows is the deception and suppression of facts that the Democratic Left engaged in back during the "Great Society" and how they are continuing the same tactics today. The only difference is that blogs, talk radio, and alternative media help expose the truth without filtering from the State owned media.

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