Sunday, March 07, 2010

Live Blogging the Oscars


8:31 Opening Number with Doogie Howser was nice and short.

8:34 It looks like Martin and Baldwin will be good. The first joke is comes off well. Good Meryl Streep joke. Nice nod to Christopher Plummer. The Helen Mirren joke works. Heck, the guys are doing a great job.

8:43 Best Supporting Actor - Everyone says Waltz is a shoe-in - Looking at the clips, Woody Harrelson always seems like he is acting. The other performances look good. No surprise, Waltz wins. He accepts it like a pro. He's gracious and articulate.

8:49 Ryan Reynolds starts introducing the Best Pictures. The Blind Side, the feel-good movie of the year. The clip has an NRA reference and no Heston to appreciate it.

8:55 Cameron Diaz and Steve Carrell - Animated Features - Up wins as expected -

9:00 Martin and Baldwin joke of the Hangover and it's funny

9:01 Miley Cirus and Amanda Seyfried are nervous handing out the song award. Does any Pixar film not use Randy Newman? TBone Burnette for Crazy Heart. He lets Bingham do the talking.

9:05 - District 9 for Best Picture. An entertaining enough movie that benefits from 10 pictures nominated. The Academy must be getting weary of Eastwood if this is nominated over Invictus.

9:11 - Downey and Fey - Downey looks like young Bogdanovich - They're both funny - Original Screenplay - I like the way it's presented with the words - Hurt Locker is no surprise especially if it's going on to win Best Picture - Nice nod to the troops and his father.

9:16 = Ringwald and Broderick - John Hughes tribute - Watching the montage is like re-living my teenage years. Very well done. I don't recognize some of them when they come onstage. Trish says its Anthony Michael Hall and Judd Nelson. It would have taken a magnifying glass for me to figure it out.

9:27 - Short Films - A nice juxtaposition of directors who graduated to features - I want to see Logorama - Ah, it wins. I guess Wallace and Grommit can't win every year. A nice speech. 6 years to make 6 minutes. What dedication.

9:33 Documentary Short - Music by Prudence - I like that they can actually get to the stage this year in decent time. Last year the winners had a hail a cab.

9:35 Live Action Short - The New Tennants - He seems nervous and surprised - The second guy doesn't get to speak - This will give more time for people in ridiculous dresses to make it across the stage.

9:37 - Ben Stiller as an Avatar - Best Makeup - James Cameron doesn 't crack a smile -now he laughs when Stiller jokes on the tail - The Young Victoria was nominated for putting makeup on her neck - Stiller is funny - Star Trek wins - Makeup? I thought that guy really was a Vulcan - They seem truly happy. I like it when regular people show real elation.

9:47 - McAdams and Jake Gyllenhall - Adapted Screenplay - Precious - I haven't seen it because it looks like a downer. Speechless with genuine emotion. A writer is the loneliest job in entertainment and then you'[re thrust into the spotlight for the awards - You can't help but like the guy.

9:51 - Queen Latifah - Governor's Award - Roger Corman - Gordon Willis the Prince of Darkness - Lauren Bacall - I don't know John Calley -

9:55 - Robin Williams Best Supporting Actress - Moneique is the mortal locks according to the rags - They all look like good turns - Precious looks depressing - No surprise for Moneique - Hat tip for Hattie McDaniel.

10:01 - So that's what AN EDUCATION is about.

10:05 Sigourney for Art Direction - Avatar should win this. And it does.

10:08 - Costume - Ford and Parker - The Young Victoria - Sandy Powell has been there before - She shows poise - A nice dedication to the contemporary film costumers.

10:16 Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner - They look like I should recognize them - Horror Montage -

10:22 Sound Editing - The Hurt Locker - Wow, that looks like a harbinger for Best Picture - Sound Editing does not include haircuts - His wife is estatic.

Sound Mixing - I don't understand why editing and mixing are two different awards. Hurt Locker again. It doesn't look good for Avatar.

10:34 - Sandra Bullock - Cinematography - Avatar - Subdued winner.

10:37- Demi Moore - Haven't seen much of her lately - The Obit piece went too quickly to match JT's singing. It might be the least touching one I have seen.

10:45 Lopez and Worthington - Score- Dancing First - Up wins

10:53 - Visual Effects - Avatar - No Surprise - It's all FX.

11:01 - Matt Damon - Best Documentary - The Cove - Dolphins win over blaming America - A surprisingly apolitical show tonight.

11:06 - Film Editing - Hurt Locker - It sure built tension like few movies do -

11:14 - Foreign Language Film - Secret in their Eyes - Biggest Surprise of the night - The prison film was getting all the ink. White Ribbon won the Golden Glove. A nice speech racing against the clock.

11:25 - Saluting the Best Actor nominees is a bit overdone although Robbins finds a touch of humor. Kate Winslet presents and Jeff Bridges should win according to experts. Bridges wins. One of the most enjoyable actors of our time. What a good fella Bridges is. And he talks just like The Dude.

11:39 Best Actress - Does Sandy Bullock win or does Streep win again? Enter Sean Penn. He starts with a little speech that I don't understand. Sandy wins to go along with the Razzie. She's sincere and funny.

11:52 Babs with the Best Director statue - They say Katherine Bigelow will win even if Hurt Locker doesn't win. But I think it's going to win both awards. Bigelow is overwhelmed with the win. A nice nod to the troops.

11:58 - Best Picture - No fooling around Hanks gets right to it. The Hurt Locker.

A nice wrap up by Martin and Baldwin. A great job of hosting.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Yesterday, as Mass. voters went to the polls to denounce ObamaNation, I was on a plane. The guy in front of me was explaining to his apolitical colleague what was going on in Mass. Another guy was reading National Review. A woman was reading Sarah Palin's book. Everyone came out of hiding to celebrate the repudiation of 7+ terms of Ted Kennedy liberalism!