Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

Paul Ryan made some pretty good criticisms of Obama's speech today. But Ryan's plan has one of the same flaws as Obama's. They both rely on savings from 10 years in the future. Get the red pen out and start crossing off departments now.

Carlos Delgado retired from baseball. David Schoenfield from ESPN has some thoughts on the player. I was surprised that he only made 2 All Star teams and had 1500 career RBI. I did remember this one:
8. His stance against the war in Iraq. Not an easy decision, but I applauded his courage to take a political stand with thought and conviction.

Wouldn't the thoughtful decision have been to play in the Mexican League instead?

Trish and I are on the fourth and final season of THE TUDORS. Although the whole series is just 38 episodes it has a nasty habit of feeling repetitive. New seasons begin with characters written out with no explanation and sudden rivalries that have no motivation other than dramatic necessity. The show seems most influenced by THE SOPRANOS. King Henry is a bit of a sociopath like Tony Soprano without the charm. Although corrupt as the devil, Cardinal Woolsey played by Sam Neill was very sympathetic. Jeremy Northam's Thomas More began as such, but descended into burning people which I generally lose patience for. I think I like the Cromwell character the best, but the chopping block caught up with him too. The show is really a platform to show beautiful women in various states of undress.


Today's big debate on Facebook was this story about a mother painting her boys's nails pink for the J Crew catalog. The surprising part of the debate is that it was posted by a friend who hates arguing politics. There was an argument that since it's okay for little girls to be tomboys, little boys can be raised as sissies. I tend to think that some women want to raise their sons as the daughters they never had.


Let me say again that I want to stop hearing people say we need to work together to solve the problems in this country. Working together caused the problems. When you try to visualize how much hard currency $ 3 trillion is, you soon realize you can't get to that number without everyone scratching someone else's back.


During biking this week Sir Saunders was telling me about the state of Florida bill that will end union dues being automatically deducted from worker's paychecks. Workers would have to write an actual check to the union to be a member. There will also be restrictions on allowing unions to use money for political purposes. The comments from Democrats are illuminating. A favorite of mine:
Rep. Perry Thurston, D-Plantation: “Think about what is the true purpose of this legislation…It’s about silencing the unions. And silencing the middle class. The middle class and citizens across this great state…When did individuals who want to participate in the process, middle-class citizens who want to participate in the process, when did they become public enemy number one.? They are not.”

What I like about this quote is how unintentionally patronizing it is. The unstated premise is that the middle class's voice will go silent unless money is deducted automatically from their checks and unions be allowed to spend that money on political positions that employees don't necessarily agree with.


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