Friday, July 08, 2011



Sir Saunders pays homage to this blog elsewhere today.

As Tom noted below, Facebook killed this blog.

I liked this blog. I don't like Facebook.

I do not care what everyone is thinking. I only ever cared what you guys were thinking. Sir Saunders, Tom, Dude, and Jonah Goldberg I consistently find witty, engaging, insightful, unique, well spoken, and right. It would take me a few minutes to come up with a fifth name for that list.

Sir enjoys the debate. I miss the echo chamber.

I am surprised to see recent activity here by Tom. Tom, you have 96 posts to go this year. But who is reading them?

That is what I liked about this blog. I was writing for a highly discriminating audience of about five people.

Since leaving this blog, I have become even more circumspect in my use of the Internet and what I choose to post online. I think, in general, that, for me, there is little to gain and something at risk in saying too much online.

I have also learned that, other than people who pay me to give it, nobody much cares about my opinion or my take.

But I do regret that I have had nowhere to go with all the posts these past two years that I had no reason to write.

Thank you, Junto Boys. It was great.