Friday, March 30, 2012


Whatever the Court's Ruling, the Political Battle Over Obamacare Has Already Been Lost

I hope so!!

I've gone back and forth over the last couple of years as to what the real thought was behind Obamacare. For all the "Commie" talk about President Obama, the truth is that Obamacare was a pragmatic lefty bit of legislation. They thought by embracing what was originally a Republican idea, "forcing all to buy Health Insurance just like the States do for car insurance will force down over all costs." As many have said, it's a silly solution to a serious issue. The federal government have forced states and any hospital that accepts federal funds of any kind to accept patients who cannot pay. That means we all must foot that bill. The Libertarian response would be to deny everyone free care. Ask yourself this, how many insurance policies would be sold if the states and all hospitals were allowed to turn people away. Much like food, clothing, and shelter, people would find a way. Further, private charities and private donations would certainly cover the costs of many of the very poor. Should there be a real safety net? Certainly. But what Obamacare (and most of Obama policies ensure) is enslavement and dependence for the middle class. President Obama wants to convince the middle class they too are part of the great "unwashed masses" and therefore must vote democrat forever.

The Liberal media has been fun to watch through all this. They are shocked SHOCKED that the Supreme Court will likely strike down all or part of Obamacare. Shocked that their lefty central planning isn't actually what the founding fathers wanted after all. They are shocked that the 7/10 people are actually quite satisfied and happy with their health care. And shocked that all their work to take over 1/5 the nation's economy may soon go up in smoke. Regardless of the election out come in November, the American people and SCOTUS have simply rejected lefty micromanagement of our lives.

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