Saturday, March 31, 2012

100 Skills Every Man should Know

100 Skills Every Man Know: 2008's Ultimate DIY List from Popular Mechanics Magazine

I was surprised when I read this recently how many of these my grandfathers and grandmothers taught me. Those really were priceless relationships. These skills are most excellent to know. I am still learning many of these and mastering others. Some I have mastered like: carving a turkey, cutting firewood, and shining shoes. It's taken me 42 years to finally feel fully comfortable with being a man. I can't tell you how happy I am really knowing myself now.


1. Girls are not a rare commodity. I know it may appear that way right now, but there will come a time when they shall chase you. Then you’ll scratch your head and wonder what happened. Just wait. You get more desirable.

2. Success and confidence are very sexy. The smarter you are, the more consistent you are, the more employed you are, the more creative you are, the more educated you are, the more amazing you become and the more attractive you’ll be.

3. Dress classically. Your friends will tell you to dress trendy. That will fade. You’ll look back at yourself and wonder why you were dressed like such a douche.

4. Society will tell you to avoid being masculine. Our culture continues to clamp down on the masculine as it over exalts the feminine. Just be yourself. Be who you are at your core. Don’t worry about what society tells you. Being a powerful man is a good thing. Being a powerful man is not a crime.

5. Playboy, GQ, MAXIM, Men’s Health, and Penthouse will not tell you how to be a powerful man. Neither will online porn. However, Popular Mechanics and the Bible will. Read both. It’ll help.

6. Speaking of Popular Mechanics, read over their list of 100 Skills Every Man should Master: Knowing how to do plumbing, a little electrical, build something, and fix minor car issues will have your future spouse drooling over you (in a good way). Having the skills is very impressive to the ladies and to your pals. And it will help during the Zombie Apocalypse.

7. True friends are 4 in the morning friends. Do you have a friend who would get up to help you with almost anything at 4 in the morning? Would that friend help you move? (REMEMBER: Helping you move in the male-friend world is like going “all the way”). Will that friend stand up for you and love you despite differences in belief? Will that friend respect your girl? Is that friend nice to your mom? That’s a true friend. Everyone else is not. Cultivate true friends.

8. Nothing Bad ever lasts. Ever.

9. If you can get through High School, you can get through college. It’s all about picking the major for you. The right major leads to the right career. But remember, you are NOT your career. Work is good. Work is fine. Work will help and work is awesome. BUT, Your work is not who you are. Know who you are as almost anything other than your work. Your 45 year old self will be so grateful.

10. Words are the most powerful things written or spoken. Learn how to master words. Knowing what to say will save your life in love, work, and friendship.

Friday, March 30, 2012


Whatever the Court's Ruling, the Political Battle Over Obamacare Has Already Been Lost

I hope so!!

I've gone back and forth over the last couple of years as to what the real thought was behind Obamacare. For all the "Commie" talk about President Obama, the truth is that Obamacare was a pragmatic lefty bit of legislation. They thought by embracing what was originally a Republican idea, "forcing all to buy Health Insurance just like the States do for car insurance will force down over all costs." As many have said, it's a silly solution to a serious issue. The federal government have forced states and any hospital that accepts federal funds of any kind to accept patients who cannot pay. That means we all must foot that bill. The Libertarian response would be to deny everyone free care. Ask yourself this, how many insurance policies would be sold if the states and all hospitals were allowed to turn people away. Much like food, clothing, and shelter, people would find a way. Further, private charities and private donations would certainly cover the costs of many of the very poor. Should there be a real safety net? Certainly. But what Obamacare (and most of Obama policies ensure) is enslavement and dependence for the middle class. President Obama wants to convince the middle class they too are part of the great "unwashed masses" and therefore must vote democrat forever.

The Liberal media has been fun to watch through all this. They are shocked SHOCKED that the Supreme Court will likely strike down all or part of Obamacare. Shocked that their lefty central planning isn't actually what the founding fathers wanted after all. They are shocked that the 7/10 people are actually quite satisfied and happy with their health care. And shocked that all their work to take over 1/5 the nation's economy may soon go up in smoke. Regardless of the election out come in November, the American people and SCOTUS have simply rejected lefty micromanagement of our lives.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

February 2012 Media Log

All Caps, bold:  MOVIE
Italics: Book
Quotation marks “Play”
Italics, quotation marks:  Short Story

Surprisingly funny and only over the top in a few places.  Superior to farces like THE HANGOVER.  

All ages can enjoy these characters and the latest may be the best yet.  

Entertaining although I remember it being a bit better on my first viewing.

FEB 5To Have and Have Not by Ernest Hemingway

The first half of the book is a classic and the movie used the best scenes.  The second half of the novel is less interesting although the key moment with Harry Morgan was borrowed for the 1948 Bogart film, Key Largo.  A better ending could have made this another Hemingway classic work.

Still funny after all these years.  Quotable to the end.  I saw it for the first time with Sir Saunders on my 29th birthday, a doubleheader with PRIMARY COLORS. 

There aren't a lot of differences between the Swedish and American movies.  They both hit the big plot points.  I think the main difference is the relationship between the Lisabeth and the mukraker.  Daniel Craig seems more self-assured than the Swedish actor.   Both are worth watching.

Classic William Powell detective novel with Jean Arthur in the Myrna Loy role.  Powell is Dr. Bradford, the suspect forced into clearing his good name.  Jean Arthur is the title character trying to worm her way back into Powell's heart.  Fun all the way through.  

FEB 14This is a Book by Demetri Martin
The closest thing to Woody Allen's early prose than anything I have ever read.  Each chapter is a stand along story of comic inspiration.  His Genie FAQ was especially funny.  

FEB 16Up in the Air by Walter Kim
A rare example of a decent book turned into a better movie.  They share the premise of a man trying to reach his frequent flyer milestone, but the book is more slice of life and about how he is looking forward to a life without flying whereas George Clooney lives to be in the air.  The other characters are drawn much better in the movie, which says a lot for Jason Reitman.  

The real challenge with this film is whether you get a clean print with synched audio.  Thankfully Turner Classic Movies provided it.  It hardly gets any better than the Orson Wells reveal.  Great film making. 

Tricia's first viewing was courtesy of HD.  The three hours really flew by.  A great great movie every time.  I love the scene where Sterling Hayden punches Michael, because I already know the revenge.   

Warrick Davis plays the title Dwarf to great humor.  Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant play themselves. Liam Neeson guests stars as himself in this episode where he asks Ricky to help him become a comic.  Hilarious Stuff.  

FEB 26 - The Empty Copper Sea by John D. MacDonald
One of the later Travis McGee stories has Travis and the ever-ready Meyer travel to the gulf coast to clear the name of an old friend.  Unlike other private eyes, there are hints that McGee is aging and his hi-jinks can't last forever.  Every one of these novels has a sort of political statement, but the one he drops here has me shaking my head.  McGee laments that county sheriffs are elected rather than appointed and labels it a right-wing thing.  He'd rather have a boost to the "good ole boy" network by letting them decide?  

FEB 28 - Meltdown by Thomas F. Woods Jr.
Thomas Woods lays the blame on the housing crisis on the doorstep of the Fed.  Their cheap money through low interest rates set the table for the shenanigans.  Taking us off the gold standard not only devalued our money but allowed the government to control the money supply at will.  He makes a decent case that the Fed has been more trouble than it's worth.  It's been robbing us for years and making our savings worthless.  We are either better off spending what we have or risking it in a volatile stock market because inflation with eat it away otherwise.   But I didn't come away totally convinced that the government couldn't have caused the housing problems with a Federal Reserve system.  Politicians still would have pressured banks to make bad loans and those bad loans still would have skewered the market.