Tuesday, March 20, 2007


10. SICK OF: Girl Power and all it's incarnations. Man! Am I ever sick of this. How many neo-feminist, "I can do it too....no man can hold me down" movies, TV Shows, books, Talk shows, etc do we need on this same old tired theme. It's getting to the point that even the young women who work as interns in my office complain about it.

9. CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF: American Idol. I must confess, this is the first season that I've seen any of these shows. Usually, if it's not SCI-FI based, I could care less, but I've seen all of this years season (Season 6) and now really get why people love this show. I find myself rooting for the performers and I really enjoy each weeks singing. This week (March 20) was British Invasion Week. My fantasy is to audition next year dressed as Al Jolsen singing, Michigan Rag "That Lovin RAAAAGGGG!!"

8. SICK OF: Tom Delay's Belly aching. He just came out with his memoirs. This is the guy who said the bloated federal budget, "Had been cut just about enough." He has the gall to blast his fellow conservatives for "not taking more advantage of the majority." These morons had 12 years to enact all kinds of legislation that could have made a serious change in the way we do things. The folks in Washington should take a look at how the GOP run Florida. This is where they get it right. I for one am glad that Delay is gone and look forward to something new/original from the Republicans. Unfortunately, I haven't really seen anyone rise to capture my imagination like Newt did in '94 with "Contract with America." The Republicans really in need of a "idea" man.

7. CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF: Those GIECO Caveman Commercials. What a clever way to poke fun of political correctness and the sensitivity of any group you can name. Genius!

6. SICK OF: Bush. I hate to say it, but I'll be glad to see him go. After more liberal-lite legislation than came out of the Clinton years, what do we have to show for it? At least we had some pretty good Supreme Court Appointments. Is it 2008 yet?

5. CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF: Those Deal or No Deal models. I like the way the march up the stairs. Number 13 is my favorite.

4. SICK OF: The way men/fathers are treated in Popular culture. The last group that is an easy target and can be made fun-0f with abandon is men. Even Black/Minority men are targets if the subject being attacked is their fatherhood. Look at any Commercial or show on Oxygen and you'll see the man portrayed as the fool, buffoon, idiot, etc. I need to watch some of those GIECO commercials again so I get over my hurt feelings. But are men really this inept? Come on!

3. CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF: Her love. I hit the big 5 year mark this year with my lovely wife. We spent 3 days at Clearwater Beach weekend after last. Delicious! (Sorry Tom).

2. SICK OF: Hillary Clinton and O'Bama. I hope to the sweet lord that Newt Ginrich gets the nomination because he'll absolutely debate circles around either. That alone would be work 4 years of Hillary.

1. CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF: The Junto Boys. This has been a great outlet for our rants. Thanks Tom of setting it up! Thanks Dude for being the first person I ever knew who read Ben Franklin's Autobiography and introducing me to the concept of Junto. Thank E for your brilliant insights. This blog really proves that there is some thoughtful (and not so thoughtful) discourse in the arena of ideas.

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E said...

Three cheers for Sir Saunders! Hip hip - hooray! Hip hip - Hooray!! Hip Hip - HOORAAAY!! I love to see new material on the blog, I wish I had more opportunity to post (I have a stack of stuff to post that eventually grows too stale and I throw away), and I still think The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is one of the most inspirational books of all time.

I wish we could all get together in a cigar bar and play cards and yell at the TV. Hey, that's a good idea, let me know and I'll be there.

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