Monday, December 31, 2007

Dr. W. Steven Saunders, pictured here circa December 31st, 1973 has released his top ten predictions for the coming year.
10. Quantum computers will become a viable reality when photons are able to be utilized in a light capturing medium where their alternating spins are used to symbolize the "0" and "1" in digital data.
9. Hillary Clinton will become to Democrat Party Nominee.
8. Rudy Giuliani will become the Republican Party nominee. He will ask Huckabee to be his Vice-Presidential running mate.
7. The first commercial residential robot helper will be sold by the Sony Corporation in the U.S. for $35,256.25.
6. A group of Physicists will finalize the unified field theory and concretely determine that reality consists of 11 dimensions. One scientist learns to "look into" some of these higher dimensions. He goes psychotic. Some theorize he glimpsed "God." Some theorize he came in contact with dark energy. All is research is classified and suppressed.
5. No hurricanes will encounter Florida.
4. The new Star Trek movie will be poorly written with good effects.
3. Dude will move to New York City. While at a Bagel shop he will strike up a conversation with someone, only to discover that person is a powerful but unfamous movie producer. He buys one of Dude's movie scripts which launches his 2 decade hoped for career.
2. Sir Saunders will refashion the "God Helmet" based on a crude earlier design. The solenoids he uses are too powerful and it gives all who wear it instant enlightenment. This ushers in a new age of communion with "that which is beyond the personal self."
1. A new pandemic will start in Sir Lanka and sweep across the globe sickening and killing 1/3 of the third world population. The U.S. will quarantine itself and will largely be protected due to our Flu Shot program.

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