Friday, July 11, 2008


This made me laugh in its elegant simplicity:
Madonna's first husband, Sean Penn, once cornered Ciccone, pulled out a jackknife and insisted, "Let's be blood brothers," then sliced open both their thumbs to seal the deal. Years later, Penn approached the openly gay Ciccone, mentioned the ritual and asked, "You don't have AIDS, do you?"
Ciccoce is Madonna's brother who has just published a tell-all story about his sister. She's had her share of wacky people in her bedroom and Penn was her first husband all those years ago. He's always seemed to me a strange cat and this tale sums him up well, showing lack of tact in both the first and second instances recalled in this brief story.

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Tom said...

The one guy who wrote a nasty letter to the South Park guys after TEAM AMERICA. Talented and self-important. He's the kind of guy who probably should have died young if you add it up.

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