Thursday, April 02, 2009


I know of several Obama supporters from last year who are mostly apolitical, but the country was going down the tubes with President Bush and something had to be done. Now here you have Obama following almost all of the Bush policies and on top of that spending us into an economic collapse, and we have silence from last year's critics. It was like Bush's presidency was some big reality show and now that he's voted off the island everybody is safely back to their superficial pursuits until the new season begins in four years.


I've been reading THE FORGOTTEN MAN by Amity Shales and I recommend it to my Junto brethren. I doubt a better book on what caused the Great Depression will ever be written. The short version is that Hoover started us off with the Smoot-Hartley tariff act that made prices climb and hurt the poorest people and Roosevelt spent the 1930s experimenting so many ways that investment capital was afraid to take any risks, because the rules kept changing. The author surmises that without government action it would have been a mild recession and been over in a few years, but it instead stretch until 1942.


Baseball season without dad is tough. Without him convincing me that the Yankee acquisitions will be fruitful I am left to consider them objectively and get depressed.

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E said...

I keep thinking that the Obama love fest can't last forever, that eventually some reporting has to be done, but the degree of media groupthink does surprise and amaze.

We can blame FDR for all kinds of things but at the time he kept getting reelected. Will history repeat?

No doubt the start of baseball season will always be a time now that grieves you, a bittersweet time of year.

The Yankees demonstrate that the best collection of talent does not necessarily make the best team. I will take them in the AL East though.

The Pirates' starting pitchers won a combined 33 games last year, and this year's staff is more likely to be worse than better. Trade away your two biggest bats and pick up nothing in the off-season and that spells modern sports record of 17 consecutive losing seasons. Nice stadium though, and fries right there actually IN the sandwich n'at.

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