Saturday, May 10, 2003

"You can't handle the truth."

Jack Nicholson went ape last night at the Laker's game.
"I pay a lot of money for this seat,'' Nicholson said at halftime. "This is the NBA, you can't tell me to sit down.''

It's so funny how seriosuly we take sports. I have yelled at the TV set many times. The time I remember most was when my Yankees were robbed in the 1995 playoffs with Seattle. Little Joey Cora was way out of the baseline and he should have been called out. He later scored and it cost the Yanks the series. I met Yankee Manager, Buck Showalter less than a month later in Pensacola. He never said publicly that the call was bad, so I tested it out on him. I said that it was lousy umpiring, and he said that he thought so too, but he wasn't the least bit emotional about it. At that point I felt better. I was robbed sure, but losing that series caused Buck Showalter his job. He could be philosophical about it, why couldn't I? I got off much easier.

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