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It doesn’t matter what Hilary says in a speech, she sounds too grating when she says it. Not an ounce of warmth in that woman when she speaks. She reminds you of that nasty substitute teacher or the ex-wife that wouldn’t stop nagging. Nancy Pelosi is no where near as smart as Hilary, but she at least comes off as a warm person. I kept hearing about how great Hilary’s speech was last night and if that’s her level of enthusiasm at her best, boy did my ears benefit from the results of the DEM primary.


Bill Clinton pulled a Reagan and reminded Democrats that they need another guy who sounds like Clinton. And then Biden stepped forward and nearly did it. Watching Bubba this election cycle has been most enjoyable. All the embellishing, finger pointing, and self-aggrandizement was there and yet directed toward other Democrats. All the criticisms that Democrats had been defending for 16 years suddenly became their criticisms. The speech was like Hawaiian Punch. It was sweet, went down smooth, and consisted of nothing but empty calories. A day earlier he said that voters have a bad habit of choosing inexperience that will fail to get things done over a veteran that can deliver. But the next night he loved Joe Biden and he loved Barak Obama while anyone who pays attention knows that he wants McCain to win so that his wife can run in 2012.

Biden was impressive though. He’s a hard guy not to like. When he says God bless our troops and God bless America it sounds like he means it. Kerry couldn’t pull it off when he was reporting for duty. Most Democrats don’t even think of saying it. But it kills them with middle class Americans. I would much rather live in a country where all Democrats said that sort of the thing naturally and from the heart.

Biden also sounds like an adult on foreign policy when other Democrats merely nay say the Bush policies without any solution outside of kissing up to Europe. But these strengths could also be a weakness for the ticket. Biden reminds voters that Obama is a lightweight on foreign policy. And the McCain ads showing Biden’s agreement with McCain and belittling Obama can certainly pique the interest of voters just now paying attention. Do voters elect Obama because Biden agrees with McCain? It’s possible that centrists will see that Biden offers the ability to elect the handsome Obama with the ideas of McCain. But Biden’s previously favorable quotes might immunize McCain from attacks on his foreign policy ideas.

Why Democrats didn’t nominate Biden? Because of the speech he gave. The Democrats who pull the strings and push the buttons don’t want to hear about fighting radical Islam and God blessing our troops the way Biden puts it. They want to hear about Gitmo prisoners put to bed without their supper after losing their Korans down the john.

One central idea that Democrats harp on is the rich getting richer, shrinking middle class, economy in a shambles. We hear it every time and it’s always anecdotal. This time they add foreclosures and gas prices. But why is it that Democrats are always harping on money problems and yet they do absolutely nothing in their government run schools to teach kids about money. The mortgage crisis is the direct result of using school hours teaching kids to bugger each other instead of the financial impacts of compound interest. I guess the cynic would say that teaching such things would deprive Democrats of the opportunity to “solve” people’s problems.

Democrats have somehow been given the reputation as a party that is good for the economy because Clinton was fortunate enough to be checked and balanced out of his own economic ideas during the last 6 years of his presidency. But isn’t it amazing that despite the war and the housing problems, the economy is still chugging along? I’m better off than I was 8 years ago, financially and personally. But I don’t credit that with any politician.

I know some real accomplished Democrats. These are people who worked hard and were promoted on merit. They’ll complain about people shirking their duties at work and then fall for some politician complaining that the middle class are victims of the system. You can make a good living in this country with average intelligence if you commit to getting the job done. Life offers us all temporary setbacks, but in my experience permanent victims are the result of the choices more often than circumstances. Politicians can always find an individual to support any point, but how many victims do each of us know personally that didn’t bring the misery on themselves?


Like most Democrats Obama is obviously thin skinned about the patriotism question. He lent a whole section of his speech about it. Can you imagine a Republican having to defend his love of country? The question is never whether or not any particular Democrat loves his country, who can really say what lies in anyone’s heart? But Democrats open themselves up to the suspicion by criticizing the things about America that make America exceptional. Lower taxes and economic freedom built this country. To say, as Obama did tonight, that Republicans give rich people money is a Marxist bastardization of who earns the money and how it’s done.

Most Democrat proposals could be summed in the theme that Europe has it so why don’t we? And then we continually hear how the world has grown sour with us. Of course you have to follow that with a declaration of how you love your country. But if you want your country to be like someone else’s country where does your heart lie? If you kept telling your wife that she isn’t emulating Angelina Jolie to your satisfaction, do you think that she might question your relationship?

Obama has the added problem of the GD America preacher and the terrorist Bill Ayers listed as compatriots. It doesn’t mean Obama agrees with them, but does Obama have any Chicago friends that are outspoken patriots?

Barak Obama comes off like a decent enough guy. He’s not condescending like Gore and Kerry. But he follows the same tradition of matching victims to government solutions. He wants a world-class education system with merit-pay and standards, two Republican ideas that have always been thwarted by Democrats, teacher’s unions, and monopoly government schools. You’ll find a seagull on Pike’s Peak before that one comes true.

He also promised a tax cut for 90% of the people in the country. Clinton promised that too in 1992. Ha Ha. Republicans might as well say they favor universal health care, because they are more likely to deliver on that than a Democrat tax cut.

I loved the confetti at the end of the speech after hearing about how green the whole thing was going to be. Oh, I’m sure it was made out of dry Japanese noodles and will be eaten by birds before dawn. I see Gore made it to town, probably a 3 month journey by pack mule in order to save energy. But what am I saying? The whole convention was one large carbon offset, because it will result in their victory and thus their power to drive us back to the cave men days so the planet is safe for caribou.

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Sir Saunders said...

Wow, what an impressive entry Tom. THIS is the kind of blog that reminds ME why I'M a Juntoboy. I especially like the sarcastic punch on the "Green Convention" ha! I heard on FOX today that the Dem's were having college students shift through all the garbage that Conventioner's left to shift out the recyclable's because they had discarded so much plastic and metal. Hmmmmmm...I'm glad I'm not a student anymore.

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