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Recently, my son Donovan came to me with an outrageous story. He reported that his computer teacher had designed a new "learning" exercise for the class. Basically, the kids were tasked with creating a Presidential Jeopardy Game (at this point I was scratching my head as to what this had to do with computer class----but read on). The class was split up into groups. Donovan's team won the first round; thanks in large part to Donovan getting every question of the opposing team correct. Then the teacher decided to give everyone a "fair chance." She announced that Donovan knew TOO much about politics, presidential history, and current events. It wasn't fair to the average ignorant 13 year old. (Not to mention that he also reported to me that he took digs at the teachers Liberal politics on more than one occasion). So she took Donovan off the team and made him watch. I've never been more angry about a teacher action in all my life. But did Donovan cry or go home pouting? No! Instead he wrote a great essay and began distributing around school on Friday. Genius! I plan on talking with the teacher next week. Here is Donovan's essay, word for word, exactly as he wrote it:

The World is Conservative!

(Or at least it should be)

An Article by Donovan Saunders,

Conservative Republitarian & Honorary Junto Boy

The world of today does not realize that the Conservative way is actually very beneficial to all countries. A new age of children are being taught by their teachers and parents that the world should serve them, and they do not have to work as hard as everybody else to be successful. Well here is a hint: that is called Communism.

Former Soviet Russia, Red China, North Korea; all of these said countries are run by Communism. For those who do not know, Communism is a form of government where all people are the same. They have the same amount of money, clothes, food, everything. That means that a janitor gets paid the exact same amount as a highly respected government official! That should not be right.

America was founded on Democracy, but we are not a pure democracy. We have a mix of a Republican and Democratic society, hence the two partisan groups. Pure democracy would mean that we would have to vote on every single issue and there is only the president as a leader, with some branches that manage certain areas. A pure republic would mean that we elect officials to a senate and they decide on issues. Now, a balance between the two is very good. If the government is too partisan, we will be unbalanced.

The Democratic society of today believes too heavily on socialism. Liberal Democrats believe what communists believe: the government is there to take care of us and we should all burn the money, go on welfare, and live a so called “happy life”. The people of Russia tried that. Soviet Russia, or the United Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), fell because the people realized that there was no point in working. Since all people get the exact same in communism, the people just sat back, accumulated pay, and did nothing. In doing so, there was no body to work and so the economy failed.

Could you imagine a USA like that? Communism sounds all well at first. But, it brings destruction. Let us say that the government suddenly changed to communism. Everybody was paid $40,000 a year. Is it bliss? No. Doctors pay would go down from six digit numbers to $40K; their private practices would become government run. The doctors would object, go on a strike, and so there is no healthcare. Military wages would even up, so that a raw recruit would be paid as much as a general. Military would object and refuse to fight; no national defense. With just those two things gone, the USA would be gone in a second. What about entertainment? Computer programmers get paid a fair amount of money. Their pay would go down. They would quit, demanding more pay. No more I-pods, computers, or anything that takes a silicon chip to run.

But, thanks to industry and democracy, we are not like that. We have capitalism. Capitalism is an economy based on private owned companies that work for profit on a free market. That means that we can make any amount of money and the only penalty we pay for it is taxes. Even taxes are good for the USA; without taxes, there would be no money to run the country. This is good because the doctors, computer programmers, military, and everybody else that works can make their own living.

But that is not to say that there is not some amount of socialism; that is called welfare.

Welfare helps people that are unable to work, live in poverty, or are just not making enough to live on for whatever valid reason. Welfare provides money for those kinds’ of people. Once they can make a living on their own, their welfare is discontinued and they start making their own living.

The Conservative style of government strongly approves capitalism. With capitalism, we have order and everything will not be property of the government. Unless you would like communism and socialism to take over America, take control of everything you own, and micromanage your life, vote conservative. The best conservative parties are the Republicans and Libertarians; a mix of the two is a Republitarian. Libertarians fight for liberty and are an off-shoot of the Republicans. The Libertarians believe in the old Republican standards: a small central government and letting the states govern its own people, all the while participating in the national government with a capitalist economy. This is the very best way to go.

The War in Iraq, War on Terrorism, all of these wars. They are for a good reason. War in Iraq is for oil; without oil, gas would border $5 a gallon. The War on Terrorism is obvious. We are not wasting troops. Yes, three thousand Americans have died in Iraq. But think about this for a moment: look at the Civil War. In the Civil War, more than 750, 000 Americans that died. That is food for thought.

So the world is conservative, or at least it should be if it has some sense. Stay with freedom and liberty, and vote Conservative, for a free America.


As a father, you are never quite sure if you are getting through to your kids. Donovan makes us all proud. There is indeed hope for the next generation.


Tom said...

I'm impressed. Well written.

I can't wait to hear about your parent/teacher conference.

Dude said...

If the Junto achieves nothing more than producing a second generation of Junto members then it will have been a great success.

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