Saturday, February 24, 2007


The one question you will not hear the media ask even rhetorically is “Who would Al Qaeda want to see elected in 2008?” A question like that is unimportant, anti-intellectual and plain unfair. Al Qaeda isn’t voting and the issues are too complicated to simply make it a matter of who the enemy wants to face.

One question you will hear is “Who would the Europeans like to see as President?” You won’t necessarily hear the question asked, but you will hear the answer all over the place. Many in the European Union are eager for a greater partnership with the United States after the strain caused by the Invasion of Iraq.

Do you notice how Democrats beat up on Republicans for months and then when a Republican suggests that the Democrat war plan will lead to defeat, they’re accused of questioning the patriotism of Democrats. Pelosi tried that this week with Cheney. Does it not occur to Democrats that no one even thinks of it as a patriotism question until they bring it up and then many of us ask ourselves, “Do the Democrats really want us to win? What is their plan for victory?”

During the late 30s when FDR was trying to get us into the European War, 90% of Americans wanted no part of it. They didn’t care about Europe or the rest of the world. They had already saved the continentals during World War I, thank you very much, and were in no hurry to do it again. Pearl Harbor comes and suddenly the 90% is on the other side and we have no choice but to kick enough ass so that we can be left alone for another generation. We began by thinking of World War II as something not American and then turned around when events proved the necessity of it. The most striking thing is how we were unified as Americans back then.

Something has changed over these years to which the Left has united around much of the world and they see the United States as the threat to peace and safety. These people are like the kids who breezed their way through college on daddy’s dime and then returned home only to be ashamed of daddy for not being as enlightened as Dr. Scratchensniff.

I tend to think they walk a tightrope about whether their decisions are patriotic and I think they are constantly thinking of justifications. If they hear anything that they take to be a question of their patriotism they really get on their hind legs and start barking, don’t they?

If I were the VP and Pelosi accused me of questioning her patriotism I would say, “I wouldn’t question your patriotism, Nancy, because I don’t know what’s in your heart. I was raised that being patriotic meant wanting to see your country win the war and elected officials were duty bound to do everything they could for the cause of victory. If patriotism means something different to you then please define it so that I can be sure to spot it when it materializes.”

If the DEMS are thin skinned about this patriot business they can put the question to rest by adopting policies that make Al Qaeda deathly afraid of them. Short of that, “politics ain’t beanbag” said Tip O’Neill and the shoe will fit until they stop wearing it.

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