Tuesday, May 29, 2007


It's official. Angelina Jolie will play Dagney Taggart in the 2008 film version of the cult novel. The script is reported to be 129 pages on a source work that could easily be a 12-15 hour mini-series. So much for the 80 page John Galt speech.

The contest questions are:

1. How will Hollywood downplay the rightwing message of the film? What major components of the message will be dropped?

2. How will Hollywood insert a leftwing message into the film? Will they overplay Rand's opposition to religion or will they add some new element?

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Dude said...

I always imagined it would someday appear as a miniseries - it will be interesting to see it trimmed to a mere two hours. It's funny - I started reading it in college and liked it so much that I began writing each chapter as a script just as a writing exercise. I still have the first several chapters filed away somewhere. The great irony is that to this day I have still never finished reading the story. Dagny was in an airplane heading to Mulligan Valley last I put it down about eight years ago. I guess the upcoming film is impetus to power through the back third of the book. I think Jolie is a decent choice for Dagny Taggart, though when I read it all those years ago, in my mind I pictured Wendy Malick, whom I thought would have been perfect in her younger years. Come to think of it, Hank Reardon appeared in my mind's eye as Jeff Reardon, with the beard and all.

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