Wednesday, May 23, 2007


We have all kinds of politicians out there insisting that they are the next Ronald Reagan. They invoke his name, they quote him, claim to have been his friend. But one thing that most of them do not have is Reagan's connection with the grassroots, his connection and identification with the people generally. This is one of the things that's sorely missing in the Republican presidential field right now. People are weighing in on them, they're having opinions because they are the candidates, but Reagan was able to go over the heads of the media, and he connected with people, one on one.

Whether he's speaking to 10,000, 20 million, 500 or whatever, Reagan was able to connect with people in that regard. There are few people on our side that have the ability to do that. Many of the Republican candidates today lack this. McCain, among others, comes to mind. They're sort of a talk at us group, rather than a group that actually connects.

If that doesn't get to the heart of it, I don't know what.

This is just a short section of a long piece about how the elites in Washington hate the grass roots and how the immigration bill is bringing it out. I don't get to listen to Rush much anymore, but reading this post makes me miss the opportunity even more. It's long but worth reading the whole thing.

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