Wednesday, July 18, 2007

WEALTHIEST AMERICANS OF ALL TIME (indexed for inflation)

Entertaining and Educational


E said...

Interesting. So many of these men are part of the American vocabulary but not really well known. Fortunes are still being made today in the same areas of energy, transportation and finance.

Dude said...

This was really interesting in a few ways. It shows that despite all the whining about the income gap, there were many many more very very wealthy people in the 19th century than since LBJ. Also, while a few of these guys were genuine peckers, the bulk of them were really good men who did good things. Lastly, it shows that no matter how much wealth you acumulate, there is no sure path to immortality, as I have never heard of about half these men. The best thing to do with your money it seems is to build some great foundation and stick your name in the title.

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