Monday, July 16, 2007


Marci's sister in Tucson phoned last year to announce that her husband was in the hospital after suffering cardiac arrest. This was shocking news as he was only 40 years old and physically fit. He swims every morning at the U of A pool. One morning after his swim, he collapsed in the shower. There was one other guy in the locker room and he decided to not ignore the thud. He checked it out and found dead Brian then went looking for help. The first person he ran into happened to be a paramedic who tended to Brian and called for backup. He wound up at the U of A hospital which is one of a handful of hospitals with the necessary equipment to induce hypothermia for cardiac patients. They shot him up with chilled saline and wrapped blankets around him which are infused with the chilly stuff. They kept him in a coma for a few days at 92 degrees and when he woke up the only lingering effect was a great story. Now he is on the cover of Newsweek - and this so soon after he was named Time's Man of the Year.

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Tom said...

I looked up the article and wow. It's not too unlike other heroes of science that were mocked for unconventional approaches that proved effective. Maybe this guy wasn't mocked, but it's so counter to the orthodoxy even success hasn't yet led to widespread acceptance.

Three Cheers for this gentle hero.

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