Sunday, July 22, 2007


From the Newsweek article: "I was there one minute and the next thing I know, it's a few days later and people are telling me I was dead and came back," says Duffield. But Duffield's memory and intellect and personality all returned intact from his brush with death, as did Bondar's. This is, on some level, deeply mysterious. We experience consciousness embedded in time, a succession of mental states continually re-created in our brains, even during sleep. But when the brain shuts down, where does the mind go?"
Great question. Dude, you are holding out on us. Surely you have a theory?

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Dude said...

My theory is the analogy of our brains as receivers that are attuned to an information stream that is unavailble to lower animals. There are senses beyond our five on exhibit in nature. I think that what we perceive as consciousness is a nascient sixth sense that is on its way to becoming even more attuned to the time stream, as exemplified by the many unverifiable but persistent reports of paranormal abilities in some individuals. I think the avenue to understanding how the mind works will come not from the field of biology but from information theory.

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