Thursday, May 22, 2008


Remember when I posted the odds of the top 24 contestants? Here are the top twelve finalists in their order of finish with their original odds to win:

David Cook 14-1
David Archuleta 6-1
Syesha Mercado 14-1
Jason Castro 16-1
Brooke White 10-1
Carly Smithson 12-1
Kristy Lee Cook 10-1
Michael Johns 8-1
Ramiele Malubay 14-1
Chikezie Eze 10-1
Amanda Overmyer 14-1
David Hernandez 10-1

I never liked Hernandez though I think he could have Broadway success; Overmyer was a one-trick Janis Joplin clone who wore thin after a few songs; Eze was inconsistent but has a nice voice; Malubay has a great voice but horrible song choices, attempting every overblown diva composition; Johns' early exit was the biggest surprise of the season - he could easily be the next Robert Palmer; Kristy Lee Cook got a couple extra weeks due to her hotness but couldn't outlast the better performers; Smithson was one of the finest singers but failed to bring anything special to her songs; White has the southern California good girl vibe down but couldn't successfully stretch her range; Castro is a soft balladeer who just wanted to go home when the pressure set in; Mercado was the opposite, trying harder as she got closer to the goal line - she is a hottie with desire, no question she will be successful; Archuleta is a little muppet who sings for the old ladies and the little girls who don't know any better - sure he has a voice, but I found his interpretations vapid from the start; David Cook was clearly the best performer of this bunch and it is good to see that he won because he deserves it. I might even download his album when it comes out.

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E said...

I joined when there were 9 left. I think Chikezie Eze was the first to go and rightfully so. For the next month it was just a question of what order Brooke, Carly, and Kristi Lee would be removed. Kristi Lee looked great in a dress and probably better without it. Brooke was consistently average and always looked like she was about to cry. Carly stepped up after Simon rebuked her for not dressing like star potential but she didn't have the talent to go any farther than she did. Michael Johns I really liked and he was gone too soon. He was the grown-up on a show not built for grown-ups. He'll do fine. Jason is smoking weed as we speak. You can only forget your lines so many times. His final two song choices of Bob Dylan and Bob Marley were the perfect exit. He reminded me of a young John Travolta. Syesha is a fox and I was glad for her to linger for that reason alone. She turned every song into a Broadway production and I usually switched channels after she started singing. She was practicing for the Idol tour. That left the two Davids. Archuleta was always close-ups because from afar he looks like an off-duty Yoda muppet, just hanging there with no muscle tone and a beautiful song coming out. Dude, put your thumbs in your pockets or something, anything. He will be great on CD but has no stage presence at all. David Cook was my favorite. He grew into the role and the songs he blew, he blew at good times. He was there when it counted at the end and I thought his final song choices were right on the mark. Paula is mailing it in.

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