Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I get annoyed by misspellings in the news networks' graphics and crawls, but this item in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette yesterday took lack of editorial oversight to a new level.

It's a victory in the sense that I'm here," Clark said after leaving the practice field at the Steelers' South Side facility. "That's the victory. The rest, as they say in Louisiana, is laying you up, it's extra." [emphasis added]

Ok, so I can forgive Pittsburghers for not being familiar with lagniappe (lan-yap). But "laying you up"? They say that in Louisiana? They say that anywhere? What, it must be some black lingo that doesn't have to make any sense? Worse, the error has not been corrected in the online article 24 hours later. I've accepted that we don't care about spelling any more, but do we also not care whether written statements make any sense?

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