Friday, June 13, 2008


Among many strange matchups this weekend, the Pirates visit Baltimore as interleague play resumes. I am thinking of catching a game at Camden Yards (an 80-minute drive) despite the Pirates' grotesque history vs. AL teams.

SS Jack Wilson says, take away interleague play and the Pirates wouldn't be a sub-.500 team year after year.

"Interleague play," he said. "Look it up. That's our season every year."

Well, here comes their season. They are trying to get to .500 tonight for the sixth time this season. It would be the latest in a season that they have been .500 since 1999 when they pretended to compete for the division with a losing record only because the division was so bad. The Bucs play the O's tonight for the start of 15 consecutive games against the American League. History does not like their chances.

The Pirates are 57-94 since interleague play began in 1997, a .377 winning percentage that is by far the worst in Major League Baseball. That includes a 20-54 in American League parks, as well as a cumulative .250 average and 10 measly home runs from their designated hitters.

37 games under .500 in interleague play - WOW. Tonight is a good time to turn the tide. If they win tonight I may go tomorrow night or Sunday. It's Father's Day, and I should get what I want, but it's also my anniversary which argues against a road trip with the boys.

UPDATE: Bucs lose 5-run lead Friday night and 9th inning lead Saturday night. Interleague woes continue.

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Tom said...

I admire your loyalty despite the realities. How I wish I had made the playoff game with you and Dude back in 1992. Who Knew?

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