Thursday, June 19, 2008


I opined on McCain's pick, here is Obama's.

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell is my obvious choice. He is a seasoned and shrewed politician, former prosecutor and mayor, charming, life of the party, a gifted orator, who appeals to working-class whites in an important state. He is very liberal and very popular. He is scandal free, or close enough. He is relentlessly dedicated to the talking points memo -- whatever it may happen to say, he will repeat it ad nauseum with a smile. He plays well on TV. The biggest hurdle is that he was a strong Hillary supporter, so she would have to set him free with her blessing. Rendell says he wants to serve out his second term and then go home, but that's what they all say.

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Tom said...

I would probably pick someone with great foreign policy experience. I think Hilary was going to take Wesley Clark and he's not a bad pick for Obama either.

If I were going to pick a conventional politician then Rendell is a great choice for all the reasons you name.

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