Sunday, June 01, 2008


I saw the alternate Fox game yesterday, the Reds and the Braves. With Psycho off the network, Thom Brennaman was teamed with Leo Mazzone of all people. Mazzone was great. He explained pitching like Jim Kaat, the best pitcher/broadcaster in my lifetime. But like that lady at the Wynn, his voice did not match his face.

It wasn't just his voice that threw me. I covered Braves Spring Training for three years in the early 2000s, and Mazzone acted so shy I didn't ask him for an interview. He didn't seem to talk to anyone pre-game. On top of that, he has that rocking idiosyncrasy that would suggest some sort of stutter or measure of inarticulation. On the contrary, he is smooth voiced, expresses thoughts more clearly than most and doesn't seem the least bit shy.

I heard him for an inning or two before I put it together. He gave it away with a story about how much credit he got for Kevin Millwood when Glavine and Maddux were just as influential to the young pitcher.

I was busy cooking for company and couldn't pay full attention to the game, but I look forward to seeing the alternate game more often. I have always liked Brennamen and Mazzone beats the tar out of McCarver.

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E said...

I heard the same inning and had the same reaction. I had not heard the voice before and didn't know who it was other than he was smooth and knowledgeable and better than McCarver. He mentioned his time with the Braves and I figured it must be Mazzone but I would never have matched up the voice. I did not know he was doing games. Did not know he wasn't still coaching in Baltimore. Down with McCarver. I listen to a lot of games on XM Radio and there are 50 guys better than McCarver. Unfortunately the 4 guys who do the Pirates games are all worse. I like the Phillies broadcast team a lot. They have gone thru some changes but always seem to replace strength with strength.

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