Sunday, March 08, 2009


Barack Obama's offhand approach to Gordon Brown's Washington visit last week came about because the president was facing exhaustion over America's economic crisis and is unable to focus on foreign affairs, the Sunday Telegraph has been told.

Sources close to the White House say Mr Obama and his staff have been "overwhelmed" by the economic meltdown and have voiced concerns that the new president is not getting enough rest.

British officials, meanwhile, admit that the White House and US State Department staff were utterly bemused by complaints that the Prime Minister should have been granted full-blown press conference and a formal dinner, as has been customary. They concede that Obama aides seemed unfamiliar with the expectations that surround a major visit by a British prime minister.

But Washington figures with access to Mr Obama's inner circle explained the slight by saying that those high up in the administration have had little time to deal with international matters, let alone the diplomatic niceties of the special relationship.

Allies of Mr Obama say his weary appearance in the Oval Office with Mr Brown illustrates the strain he is now under, and the president's surprise at the sheer volume of business that crosses his desk.

If ever a man had a tiger by the tail. There is a reason President's do not age gracefully in office, and choosing one with no prior executive experience and scant political experience and no real private enterprise experience was supposed to lead to recovery, hope, optimism, and reconciliation.

Brains do not equal ability as Sir Saunders taught me during his IQ studies. There is no substitute for the hard work it takes along the way before you get certain promotions and Obama skipped that hard work step. It looks like four years of packing the teleprompter on every visit while Prime Minister Pelosi quietly runs the country from Congress.

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