Saturday, March 28, 2009


Those Thomas Paine videos that Steve has posted on Facebook have energized me. I wrote something very eloquent on this forum a year or two ago which I have been unable to find via search - it must have been written in the comments section. Anyways, I was predicting revolution in America's future and vowing to be true to the cause for the sake of our progeny as our forefathers had sacrificed to ensure our freedom. Now there are national tea parties and reminders from long dead pamphleteers indicating that the time is ripe for revolution while we can still be somewhat civilized about it. Fake Thomas Paine speaks sense and I'm all riled up about it. I'm ready to go. It's game on!


Sir Saunders said...

Yeah, those videos are very impressive and really speak the truth about things. I think the time is definitely ripe for a Libertarian candidate. If one with the funding could come through, it would really energize people.

Tom said...

I'm happy to hear it, Dude. You're usually quiet on these topics. We need you for the fight ahead.

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