Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Based on how the person died, or at least the popular legend of how s/he died, match the person with the object most likely to have prevented the death:

1 - Greek dramatist, Aeschylus
2 - Astronomer, Tycho Brahe
3 - Gangster, Al Capone
4 - Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra
5 - Chemist, Marie Curie
6 - Distiller, Jack Daniel
7 - Actor, James Dean
8 - Croc Hunter, Steve Irwin
9 - President, Thomas Jefferson
10 - Author, Virginia Woolf

A - urinal
B - steel toed boot
C - radiation suit
D - snake bite kit
E - anti-diarrhea medicine
F - protective hard hat
G - life jacket
H - underwater shark cage
I - penicillin
J - seat belt

How did you do? Check the comments for the key.


Dude said...

1F - Aeschylus died when an eagle dropped a turtle on his bald head, mistaking it for a rock.

2A - Brahe was rumored to have died because he was too polite to excuse himself from the table at a fancy dinner, causing his bladder to rupture. (New research indicates probable mercury poisoning.)

3I - Capone died shortly after his release from prison (for tax evasion) of complications from syphilis.

4D - Long before Romeo & Juliet, Antony & Cleopatra pulled the fake suicide/real suicide routine. Antony killed himself after hearing (falsely) that Cleo had offed herself. Then she did so for real, purposefully bitten by an asp.

5C - Madame Curie's many years of experiments with radioactive material caught up with her. She died of anemia likely brought on by radiation exposure.

6B - Jack forgot the combination to the safe in his office, kicked it in frustration, broke his foot and developed gangrene that couldn't be stopped.

7J - Dean was smushed up good on Mulholland Drive. His passenger, Rolf Wuetherich, was spared because he was thrown from the Porsche.

8H - Irwin's death was a fluke - rays are rarely aggressive, and when they are, their wounds are rarely life-threatening to humans, but he was hit in a vulnerable spot.

9E - Dehydration as a result of dysentery.

10G - Afraid of herself, Woolf lined her pockets with rocks and jumped into the River Ouse.

Sir Saunders said...

This is why I love you, you teach me so much. You are among the most beloved of all the Juntoboys in my estimation. Take it easy!

Tom said...

I knew 345789. The others were a myserty.

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