Sunday, March 30, 2008


What really spurred this recent recession is the amount of GDP that has been poured into Iraq War movies with no box office results. John Cusack was on Bill Maher Friday. He has an Iraq movie. He calls it “War Inc.” At least this one is a comedy. Cusack spent most of his interview complaining about war profiteering and corporations in general. We all know Cusack to be a man of integrity because he never takes money from corporations. Maher asked Cusack why this movie would work when the others fizzled and Cusack said that people are starting to pay attention to what is happening.

I’ve spent my whole life hearing members of the Left say that people are really starting to wake up and listen to what’s going on. The reality is we’re living in a conservative country. The Presidential campaign demonstrates this every four years. In the Republican primary, each guy tries to portray himself as the conservative and his opponent as the more liberal. You never hear Democrats trying to be the liberal candidate and you never hear them criticize their opponents for being conservative. Instead they do everything they can to make their campaigns about personalities.

I suppose none of this really needs to be said, but wouldn’t it be fun to hear MSNBC ask Obama or Hilary in the next debate if they are more liberal than the other one. Or do you think your opponent is too conservative?

Patriotism is another great issue. After Obama gave the race speech, James Taranto quoted Obama from October telling us why he doesn't wear a flag lapel pin anymore. Flags are a substitute for the real patriotism of discussion. Taranto then points out that Obama had 8 American flags on stage with him when he gave the speech about race. Democrats want to live in this Ivy League world where traditional patriotism is dead and people are starting to pay attention to the evil nature of corporations, but they aren't above running to the flag to save themselves.

Remember that next time you hear the self-righteous lecture on alternate forms of patriotism.

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E said...

Great points. That higher plane of consciousness is so elusive, and yet they are always on the verge. They want my vote because they are closer to it than I am?

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