Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Rasmussen reports that her support is slipping significantly in PA.

Support for Clinton slipped from 52% early in March, to 51% in mid-month, 49% a week ago, and 47% today. During that same time frame, support for Obama has increased from 37% to 42%

She needed a big win in PA and it does not appear she's going to get it.

I'm not sure why people needed to be reminded that the Clintons lie without conscience, but apparently they did.

Forty-seven percent (47%) say they have followed news stories Very Closely about Clinton’s Bosnia misstatements. Another 27% have followed those stories Somewhat Closely. Overall, 19% consider that issue to be Very Important in their voting decision.

Although, in fairness, most of those who said her lying was "very important" to them were Obama supporters. Clinton supporters know the Clintons lie, but heck, so does everyone. It's a postmodern thing.

Meanwhile, these findings do not bode well for Obama's candidacy:

Clinton voters, by a 64% to 26% margin, believe that American society is generally fair and decent. Obama voters are evenly divided—45% hold that optimistic view while another 45% say society is generally unfair and discriminatory.

Nearly half his support is from the blame-America crowd. The Politics of Victimization is a high-stakes gamble that I hope will not carry the day. This is why McCain is running an ad right now that oddly describes him as "the American candidate Americans have been waiting for." Obama will be on defense for months. He will be asked to produce evidence that he loves America and all Americans. I haven't seen anything yet that he can use to make that case. The only evidence he can produce is linked to his work through the Trinity UCC and he won't want to go there.

Like Tom, I'm not a McCain fan but I do enjoy watching the Democrats screw it up again.

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Tom said...

And she was supposed to be the smartest women in a generation.

Obama's success will be a direct result of how well the media ignores the Wright story from September on.

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