Friday, April 18, 2008


I post this only because it is such a great paragraph. Peggy Noonan's point is that Michelle Obama is not your prototypical first lady. The Obamas are finally being explored and exposed, and what's not to like.

All first ladies, first spouses, should be like Denis Thatcher, slightly dazed, mildly inscrutable, utterly supportive. It is the only job in the world where "seems slightly drugged" is a positive job qualification. The key is to know you are not the drama, you do not draw the lightning, you are a background player who yet has deep, unseen power. (The "deep, unseen power" part keeps you serene and energized. The constant possibility of quiet revenge keeps one peppy.)

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Tom said...

It seems every young Democrat/spouse are Camelot II until we tear the cover off.

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