Thursday, April 17, 2008


From what I'm reading this morning in the post-debate coverage, I'm glad I skipped the debate. Sounds like it was as unwatchable as all the others have been. What but Obama-sniping could you expect from former Clinton superboy George Stephanopoulos?

So far we haven't heard specific workable proposals from the candidates about how exactly they would solve energy dependence, soaring food prices, illegal immigration or outdated farm subsidies.

There has been no new solution offered about the looming Social Security crack-up. Few candidates have expressed novel ideas of stopping staggering deficits or bulking up a sinking dollar -- much less exactly the sacrifices necessary on all our parts to restore American financial solvency. No one has offered a better way of dealing with an ascendant but lawless China, an unhinged Iran or the ongoing war against Islamic extremism.

The networks assume we don't care about the issues--or rather, that we'd rather watch installment #803 of the Natalie Holloway non-story--and I guess Fox News' ratings prove they are right. Blame it on O.J.

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