Monday, April 14, 2008


By now I'm sure you have heard of Obama's comments calling rural, small town citizens in Pennsylvania "bitter" and thus they "cling to guns or religion." What is interesting to me is, why is this news? This is no different than what any elitist northeastern neo-hippy dope smoking FM type thinks and says everyday. Unfortunately for Obama, perhaps a straightforward honest man, he is coming to the realization that America is a conservative country. I certainly do not cling to my guns or religion out of some bitter resentment at the "man"; rather, I support the 2nd amendment because I believe that in order to insure a free society then common man must be armed. This is the belief of the founding fathers and will soon be reaffirmed (for the first time in American history) by the current supreme court. I do not cling to religion because I am afraid or bitter, rather I do so because I believe in a loving and omnipresent God that has my best interest at heart. I do not profess to understand it fully, but I believe nonetheless.

What Obama will learn, and Hilliary and McCain will use, is that small town America is not to be trifled with. Mondale learned this, Dukakis Learned this, and now Obama will also.

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Tom said...

Political leaders must understand the opposition and respectfully disagree. Obama's comments show that he doesn't really understand what makes half the country tick. He thinks they just need more liberalism.

Obama is talking too much at a time when he should be quiet. Enough buyer's remorse and Hilary may squeak by him.

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