Sunday, February 08, 2009


I work on the 10th floor of the 2000 Avenue of the Stars building in Century City. Several times a day, I have to come down to street level to go to the Photography pavilion, where I oversee the audio/visual setup. At street level, there are about a dozen valet guys who stand out in front of the building as cars are deposited in the loop. Just past the elevators at street level is the entrance to Creative Artists Agency. So, while I am walking from the elevators, often there are people walking towards CAA from valet and our paths cross.

I see doable babes often coming and going from CAA but if I don't recognize them, then I assume they are some sort of Kelly Preston character from Jerry Maguire. Most of the guys are handsome too, leading me to think they have strict hiring policies to weed out the uglies. A few days ago, I was emerging from the elevator area and made eye contact with a petite, unassumingly pretty girl on her way to CAA. I gave her the polite nod and it was only after we had passed that I realized it was Alyssa Milano, wearing no makeup and a ball cap.

To verify, I just cyberstalked her until I came up with contact info, and sure enough, her agent is Michael Katcher at CAA. I guess if you are an uberbabe going out in public, your best disguise is the lack of makeup and hair design. I would have never recognized her, even walking past her, unless we had made eye contact. It was that brief connection that sparked a hint of recognition. So now, in her honor, my relationship to Alyssa Milano over the years:

Of course, it all began with Who's the Boss. It was not a particularly good show, but neither was Charles in Charge, or Saved by the Bell, but I watched them all whenever I could and whenever nobody was looking, because of the mondo babe attached to all three shows. Milano was only 12 or so when she first appeared on that show, but I was only a couple years older, so she fit right into my wheelhouse. I watched the show here and there, party because I knew Tony Danza from Taxi, but mostly to enjoy the spectacle of watching Milano mature into a luscious babe as if in time lapse.

I guess our relationship pretty much ends there, except for her appearance in Commando as somebody's daughter in distress who needs rescued by Ahnald. Alyssa Milano was just a fond memory for many years, as I never got around to watching Melrose Place or Charmed. At some point, a couple of years ago, I learned that she was a huge Dodgers fan and maintained a web site where she expresses her opinions on the team. She is a knowledgable fan, a season ticket holder, and a babely 36-year-old in a ball cap, putting her once again on my radar as one of earth's finest specimens.

Last year, Alyssa appeared on My Name is Earl for half the season, but mostly I enjoy her now as a regular follower of her blog. She also models the sporty clothes she designs for her own Touch label, which fills the feminine sports apparel niche. Alas, I shall never fill Alyssa Milano's niche, but it's a dream I've held since my teen years, and I was never so close as the day our eyes met for that brief moment.

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