Friday, February 06, 2009


Thanks for pointing out this site Tom. Now how will I ever get anything done?

Name the Top 20 national US colleges and universities. I missed six: Duke, Washington University in St. Louis, Johns Hopkins, Emory, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt. Can you name the other 14 in five minutes? Additional hints: there are none in FL and one in TX.

UPDATE: Naming all 10 QBs who started in at least 2 Super Bowl wins was easy. Did so in 90 seconds.

I'm still not convinced that John Tyler was POTUS.


Dude said...

I missed Plunkett.

Tom said...

I did this one earlier in the week and missed 3 or 4 including Wash in St. Louis and Cal Tech. I got the other ones on your list, but I don't remember what other ones I missed.

I missed Plunkett too forgetting his earlier one. It seems like I missed another guy as well.

Tom said...

Yeah, and this is a fun place to hang out, eh?

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