Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This side-by-side is really weird to me. I compared the photos for a minute or two to see if they were really the same except for lippage. It is amazing to me how changing a single feature changes a person's entire look. It also makes it all the more unlikely that a perfect double to Peter Brady would transfer in to his high school (Episode 113), so closely resembling Peter in every way that he fooled Peter's own parents. A month later, on the grounds that the scripts had become too silly, Robert Reed refused to appear in what turned out to be the final episode, in March 1974. (I confess to reading GROWING UP BRADY by Barry Williams.)
UPDATE: As many times as I looked at this ad, I just noticed a glaring typo. This ad is all over the Web. Your theories please on whether the typo is intentional, and if so, why? Best theory wins Best Theory Behind a Ubiquitous Web Ad.


Tom said...

The typo must be intentional. Maybe it's because Limps emphasizes plump by keeping the hard "mp" at the end of both words. The real problem with the thin lipped Jolie is her lack of smile. It's not their size but their clinched nature like she is trying not to tell someone off.

That Sherwood Schwartz was a genius because those plot no matter how inane could be charming. The Peter double got everything right but he didn't have the decency to have an allergy to whatever fruit pie that was.

Hey, E. Sorry it took me so long to read these. I've been spending too much time on Facebook this past week. It's time to get back to work over here.

E said...

I am not prepared to call the woman on the right ugly.

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