Thursday, February 19, 2009


We live in a world where the stock market can be down 1500 points since election day and not one reporter has asked Obama why Wall Street is afraid of his policies.

Do you remember when Bush attacking Iraq 18 months after 9-11 was a rush to war? All those Democrats voted for it without reading the intelligence for themselves and then they blamed that dolt Bush for outsmarting them. Those same people just spent $800 billion without reading what they spent it on. Change we can believe in.

Bush couldn't always get the message out cleanly, but you never doubted he knew his own mind. Obama says everything smooth and yet I still don't know what he believes in. Well, I do know that he believes that Democrats can spend your money better than you. But I bet he doesn't even know what he spent it on.

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E said...

It is bizarre to say the least. Bush had broad-based support and went on to conduct a highly effective war, in terms of eliminating the 52 terrorists in the deck of cards, decimating developing threats (Saddam and al-Qaida), minimizing collateral damage and stabilizing Iraq, and his success is roundly perceived as a wrongheaded failure by the very people who supported it. Now we have new policies that can only fail and all voices are silent.

Bush's opposition rooted for his failure, and when they couldn't get it, they successfully created it thru the media. For Obama's opponents to root for his failure and get it means we're all screwed. Nutty times.

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