Thursday, January 27, 2005

Larry Holmes wants to fight George Foreman

The rest of the article is pretty interesting too. Holmes is a pretty shrewd investor.
The assassin makes plenty of money from his business interests. Some might think that he needs to keep fighting to make some money, but he receives considerable income. He said over a lunch, “I consider myself a boxing executive,” (definitely not to be confused with the term “white collar boxer"). Among his many interests, all located in his hometown of Easton Pennsylvania, Holmes owns the Ringside Restaurant and Nightclub (above which the offices of Larry Holmes Enterprises), a five-floor office building, and several residential properties. Larry extended his holdings to Internet sports betting and gambling casino, and he endorsed a gaming machine, the “Larry Holmes slot machine.” He just keeps moving forward, and not all for the money. Larry actually makes $700,000 per year from the various enterprises. He made the game pay off. He plans to take on some of the old boys–for the right price. Bob Holmes, his brother, helps him run his real estate matters.

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